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Ramen is a beloved part of Japan's culinary culture. Japanese food has evolved much in recent times with each region having developed it's own distinct ramen. The many areas of Japan each produce a ramen with it's own character.

The Wakayama Prefecture lies by the ocean on the southern side of Japan. It grows much fruit and is also famous for its production of soy sauce that is an indispensable part of Japanese cuisine.

This authentic Wakayama ramen shop is full of creations by a chef hailing from the Wakayama prefecture of Japan. 

​Almost every locality in Japan has its own variation of ramen. “Shoyu-Tonkotsu,” one of many is a famous and much-enjoyed specialty of Wakayama (formerly known as Kishuya).

​With the region's production of rich ingredients and love of food, the Wakayama ramen has developed it's own delightful taste. With a slowly cooked pork broth forming it's base, the Wakayama ramen is full of flavor blended in an exquisite balance.

Up until recently, ramen has been considered a rare and limited cuisine, found exclusively in popular areas of New York City. Finally, this special and unique delicacy can be offered from a local and accessible location without the need for long travel and commitment to the city. Kishuya ramen provides the quality and taste of authentic ramen and brings it closer to home.